Toughest academic term

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I'm back in school for my toughest academic term term after which I will have completed the 3rd year of my undergraduate degree. If all goes well, I should be heading back home on the 28th of December this year for two weeks. It's been a while since I've seen my parents. Almost two years now.

To elaborate a little bit on school this term, I have five courses, only one or two of which I actually enjoy. Four of the five courses have lab components. There are a total of 20 lab sessions throughout the term, and each lab session should take on average between 6 and 8 hours to complete. It is an intimidating workload. And I'm not exactly a model student. My courses this term are:

ECE 332 Electronic Ciruits - It deals with the advanced concepts pertaining to MOSFETs, BJTs, Single Stage IC Amps, Differential and Multi-Stage Amps, Feedback Systems, and Signal Generators. Surprisingly, the professor teaching this course actually speaks English as his first language. He also has a good sense of humour but he tends to go over the material a little too fast.

ECE 362 Modelling and Control of Electronic Devices - I really don't know what this course deals with. I think it's an upper-year course on power systems, but unfortunately I don't understand a thing the professor says. She seems to be lost in her own world, rambling on and on about boring machines and how they work. How can people actually be intrested in this field just completely blows my mind.

ECE 380 Analog Control Systems - From what I've understood so far in class, the course focuses on modelling complicated systems, and then solving them using a lot of math. It's downright boring. I don't want to sit and come up with a bunch of equations that define a system. I think there's more to just equations that define a system anyways. I also hate solving the math. Math in my program is boring for the most part. The professor seems to be a nice guy, except for he has horrible reviews online, so I'm not sure what's in store for me.

ECE 318 Communication Systems - Really, that name means nothing to me, because the courses is essentially another math courses. Fourier and Laplace transforms seems to be all I need to know. Terrible professor too. His teaching seems abstract and disorganized. Doesn't seem to get the concepts across clearly. I'm hoping this course will be one of those that I can just study for two days before the exam and pass.

PSYCH 207 Cognitive Psychology - Now this is one course I love. It deals with the human mind, and how it perceives the world. I've already learnt a little bit about the Brain and Perception. As we move on, we'll cover Attention, Memory, Imagery, Comprehension, Thinking, Problem Solving, and Making Decisions. The professor is funny, engaging, and attractive. And yes, he speaks English as a first language too. The class size is huge though. Around 200 students roughly.

It's been two weeks and I haven't quite started studying yet though. Maybe I should stop updating this web site and get busy with schoolwork. Oh, and I have to look for jobs too for the winter!